One Wish At A Time

It has taken me some time to formulate this site together, but finally I am glad to say Welcome to my Blog! You will find that I don't follow strict grammatical guidelines nor do I keep in tradition with familiar text. In order to be true to the reader and myself, I have to paint the image I see with my vocabulary. I have some ideas as to how I would like this shape out but more so I will keep an open mind that this is the next step in my endeavors to reach out to all individuals interested in hearing what it is that i have to say about the range of topics that plague me everyday. I do not claim to be a historian or an expert on any of the topics that will be discussed in my daily posts. I am not interested in filling pages up with facts, percentages and what nots at you lovely people; rather coming strictly from my own personal experiences by puncturing a wound into topics to see if we can all peep thru it together. I am also not interested in analyzing or critic-ing any given idea to death. My only wish is to create dialogue whether it be relative, political, social or the mundane. This has been a very profound time for me personally, I found that I couldn't stand around being frustrated, angry, and worst of all voiceless. I promised myself that a life is not worth much if you bare witness to such injustices against humanity; only to turn a blind eye. Here's hoping...

With Gratitude,

Rebellious Naz

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