Lucy battered and bruised from those vultures that drained her of her blood surrendered to defeat; and walked away. After a long ride home, she dragged what was left of her to a place where the porch light is always on, where the love that exists is unconditional. Lucy's mom, a mirror image of her; kissed her forehead then handed her tea filled with fix "my broken heart" potion. Lucy's eyelids slowly got heavier, and she finally stopped fighting because she knew was safe. She awoke after what felt like a thousand years of sleep to such clarity that even the chatters of her enemies had now become a distant nightmare. Now she knew what she had to do.
New York City: A city where days can go by without as so much a "friend" checking up on you. Where people are so self-important that they don't respond to your text when you reach out and ask for their help. When your truly know what its like to be sick, and not have one single person give a shit. Where you open your home to complete strangers, and the moment you are in the same position, you don't have a single friend in the world. This isn't the greatest city in the world, but the Shittiest. People lie to get ahead, they put their greed before their friends/family, and have no problem selling their souls to become something their not. Maybe this is a place where one comes to make dreams comes true, but this is definitely a place where one doesn't make friends.
I am so out of touch with the news... I just read that MCA passed away. He was only 47. Not only was I privileged to see him live years ago with my Girl Heather @ Virgin Festival and What a show the beasties put on! But on a particular night, his wife and him were in front of me at the Chelsea theatre. His spirit was humbling and peaceful. I have come to peace with the fact that we all go at some point; but its what we live behind that profoundly marks our presence. The fact that the beasties and himself stood up about the treatment of women in hip hop in front of the world brought me to tears; a factor in hip hop that continues to really disturb me, thank you beasties from a woman who hearts hip hop. To a fellow devout Buddhist and Artist... Just a continuous reminder that life should be treated with the utmost love.